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Local SEO Services

As per Google, there are around 30% of total search queries are focused with local area. That is obvious, a home owner in Santa Barbara, may not wish to hire a home renovation contractor from other cities of America. Working with a local area home renovation contractor creates room for more comfortable, ease of access, quick communication and so on.

Local SEO helps you to reach the people who do not want to go far away from their location to fulfill their needs (either for services or products). If you are a such business which is serving local area, it is vital to optimize your website for local searches on Google to get more business deals for you. To optimize your website for local searches on Google, you need help from experienced and skilled local SEO consultants. We are here for you to help on that. Please contact us today.

One of the easiest way to gain new business deals is finding your target audience in your local area where you are serving. Due to the reason that you have quick and ease of access to them, it is possible to get more closed deals compare to your target audience away from your location (city).

Getting top ranks on Google for local searches may be quicker than gaining top ranks for national keywords. But anyhow, it depends on various factors, but not limited to :

Your competition on your local area on Google

Your website structure, setup, content and etc

Quality links back to your website

How we can help you to gain top ranks for local searches on Google PK?

We will conduct a detailed keyword research to find out the phrases that your local target audiences are querying on Google. That will help us to find out the MOST searched keywords that is related to your business and target location.

As the next step, we will do the required changes to your website.

We will do an audit to your current website and list out the things to be altered to suit our SEO campaign targeted to your local area. The changes request may include to change title tags, meta description tags, content, website structure, URL structure of web pages, call of action and etc. Our previous keyword research and competitor analysis definitely will help us a lot during your web audit to recommend the changes to get top ranks for local searches on Google. Web audit will give the best basement (SEO Plan) to work with. Of course, we will send you the report of web audit and you are always welcome to add your comments and can have discussions on it on Skype or over phone.

We will send you the study reports of keyword research and competitor analysis & you may feel free to give your comments/feedback which will improve more online exposure among your target local audience. Based on discussions with you, we will finalize the keywords as well as will identify some areas to spread your online visibility where your competitors already did (example: Local directory submissions, Facebook fan page etc).

We will request you to help us on finding at least 5 of your competitors who are serving on the same location where you want to get top ranks on Google. We will do a competitor analysis on how are they performing online to get more traffic to their website and how do they convert their visitors into customers (basically, their “Call of Action”, website designs etc). Also, we will try to come up with their other online actives (Google ranks, Facebook activity, Twitter activity, Local directory submissions – Yelp, Google listings and so on).

We will start to get links to your website.

We will keep on updating your social media pages that we create (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on)

By investing your money and time with search engine optimization, specially on Local SEO, you can be sure that you are away with a single click from search results. Of course, traffic organic search results is FREE to receive (on the other hand, Google PPC costs you), to do so, you need to optimize your website. With the traffic that you may get from Google, you can cut down your future advertising costs on other medias of marketing.