What to Expect From Your SEO Company

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What to Expect From Your SEO Company

SEO Company

SEO Company Search engine optimization is a part of internet marketing other than PPC, social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, and so on). Many business owners get valuable business leads through search engines rather than other internet marketing methods. Organic traffic is free from search engines but the website should be properly optimized to get top ranks for the target key-phrases. You can always hire a SEO expert to help you on getting your website optimized for search engines like Google. Let us discuss on what to expect from a professional search engine optimization consultant during the project.

Usually, before starting project, you may get their proposal with all details such as:

  1. A review/audit on your current website design.
  2. Suggestions & recommendations to make your website design to be search engine friendly.
  3. Keyword research – recommendations of suitable keywords that has good amount of monthly search volume.
  4. List of On-Page SEO changes.
  5. Initial Month link building plan.
  6. Monthly link building plan.
  7. Cost details, duration & R.O.I details.

If you are happy with such proposal, you may accept their offer and start working on. On acceptance of the project. You should discuss with the keywords and finalize the keywords that your search engine optimization consultant should optimize. Then, your SEO agency may require to sign contract and require small amount of initial fee.

Once the contract is on play, your SEO expert should start working on your project and you can get weekly updates on what is going around on your SEO project. To make your communication more easier, it is recommended to have their e-mail, telephone number, Skype and other online messengers details. Most of the professional SEO companies offer customer support via all the above mentioned ways as far as they know the value of the customer and value of the customers’ businesses. There are some firms send weekly reports and there are others send monthly reports. These reports explains the changes that they make to your website settings (mostly on-page SEO settings), adding content and so on. Other than that, the reports include the Backlinks created for your website and most important changes on your ranks for the agreed keyword set. Changes on rank is very important on your view as that is going to give you more businesses and other things are more technical things. But there are SEO consultants who explain in detail about their report and make you understand those report easily and quickly.

Likewise, as months will have passed, you may be able to see improvements on your ranks as well as get more business leads. But you have to understand that a website cannot be optimized for search engines overnight, even not within one or two months. It takes time. But you should make sure there is improvements on your ranks. if not, you should clarify with your SEO contractor for the reason and sort it out as a team.


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