Ecommerce SEO: A Simple Guide

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Ecommerce SEO: A Simple Guide

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEOAs the years passed, there are more and more internet users and as change of life style, people wants everything with a single click. That is what the trend set by the technical advancement. This trend urges the local retail sellers and corner shops too go online and sell the products online via their e-commerce website. Listing the products online, and offering the easy to deal with design along with high security system for payment gateway, are not enough to get success. It is vital to do e-commerce website optimization for search engines to get more clicks & sales.

Ecommerce SEO

When it comes to optimizing e-commerce website for search engines, there are two important aspects to be considered, such as

  1. Product Optimization
  2. Category Optimization

Product Optimization

1.1 Product Content Optimization

It is important to have the content that consists of features, benefits and other details about the product. It is recommended to go after Google on finding the best keyword, specially the long tail keyword relevant to the product and optimize the content for that keyword.

1.2 Product Title Optimization

It is must to use some header tags for Product Titles and it is vital to use the target keyword on product title.

1.3 Product Meta Title and Meta Description Optimization

Not only the product title to display within header tag, it is important to optimize the meta title for the product. It should be unique & should contain the website brand name on it to ensure the branding is carried along with the web pages of the site. The meta title should have at least 60 characters on it as most of the search engines read only the first 60 characters of the meta title.

On the other hand, it is important to include the target keyword within meta description too. And it is wise to limit the meta description to 160 characters. Also, the meta description should have some call of actions (mostly Google uses meta description as the description on their search results page).

Category Optimization

There should be product category pages on an e-commerce website. It is suggested to have more content on category pages and create some inner links for the specific relevant product pages from the category page. Also, for the chosen keyword the category page can be optimized.

It is highly recommended to hire an experienced SEO expert when optimizing your e-commerce website for Google or other search engines.

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